Title: Seedling Alteration: Experiment No.26


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Recently in the dreamscape fungal spores have been dispersing like shooting stars throughout my night sky. As I continue to lay upon this Earth I stare into this endless black abyss; the nighttime and mares seem to glide together, it’s abundantly elegant.

As I blink I see the folds of lettuce leaves reveal a face. “Ahhh yes…” I state. Experiment No.26

Date of Entry: August 15th (Natures Phasia)

Like so many others before me I had misinterpreted my own development. Today was truly worth living for; after years of repetition my lab had finally become the birthplace of the first Nature Organic Neural Network (NONN). I had spent years upon years unknowingly filling my cells with what would be later known as Time Tar. Yet; I dare say this was unavoidable and necessary.

In archaic centuries humans believed that the consumption and farming of plants and vegetables would be the bandaid to atmospheric deterioration. The facts at that time were that meat consumption was responsible for releasing greenhouse gases such as methane, CO2, and nitrous oxide; however there were many underlying factors that were yet to be discovered.

Each spore I had tampered with had always led to two outcomes.

1. The spore would become highly sensitive and form its own net of gravity, thus dispersing a glow like curtain pulling in other spores. The downside to this was that I could not allow the other spores to collect. If they did manage to connect the outcome was always catastrophic leading to accelerated augmentation thus essentially destroying my lab. ( this has happened twice).

2. The spore would die.

Today however was different. I entered my lab and there it was floating; mimicking a ghost from the death world. Vanishing and reappearing like my dreams, I had finally created a link, or so I thought….

Extra Note:

“Surely you can evolve more than this?”

Seedling Alteration: Experiment No. 26

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